Consulting & Market Research

We have delivered several consulting projects to our clients in multiple payment verticals: prepaid, money transfers, payroll, etc.

Below is a description of what we offer and a sample of consulting and market research projects we have done in merchant acquiring.

Examples of Delivered Consulting Engagements

Competitive Intelligence
  • A project for a leading network to uncover incentives given to large merchants to favor their brand and increase their market share.
  • A project for a leading network to uncover the complete fee schedule charged by its competitors to merchant acquirers.
  • A project to help a Top 10 acquirer discover the root cause for their merchant attrition.
  • A project for a leading card network to study large online merchant’s steering tactics based on risk factors.
Market Entry Strategy
  • A project for a top 5 acquirer to strategically approach the Hispanic merchants in the USA.
  • A project to size attrition rate in the merchant acquiring industry and the way ISOs and Acquirers combat attrition for a leading card network.
  • A project for a top 10 acquirer to define marketing tactics to approach Hispanic merchants in the USA.
  • A project to study VAR and ISVs payment outsourcing opportunities for a top 20 merchant acquirer.
Gap Analysis
  • A project for a leading network to identify the gaps in their authorization specs and how it translates into lost opportunities in core functionality, products and services.
  • A project for a leading network to study the alternative product offered by the top merchant acquirers.
  • A project to identify opportunities to turn the 1099 IRS regulation into a monetized product for a top 5 acquirer.
Vendor Evaluation & Selection
  • A project to identify and size CRM solutions offered to merchant acquirers and their appetite to adopt a comprehensive end-to-end solution for a leading processor.

What You Get:


Thorough Research

and deliverables to give you a complete and strategic market view.

Innovative Approach

with exposure to various industries’ solutions to similar problems.

Deep Analysis

to avoid costly mistakes and optimize the ROI on each decision.

Accurate Results

through quant and qual research for informed decision making.

Timely Response

on your deliverables so that you can take the appropriate steps fast.

Extended Network

and access to decision makers in the whole payment eco-system.

Actionable Results

that clearly map each step of the path towards your optimal solution.

Industry Focus

and understanding of your challenges and opportunities.

Merchant Acquiring

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